Sunday, 23 July 2017

Weekend Vibes: The Simple Tee

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Every now and then we all need that relaxing weekend when we don't really have too much planned, and the day can flex into whatever comes your way. These kind of weekends call for the simple jeans and T-shirt combo, nothing to complicated and just low-key and simple.

This post I've not picked out any specific t-shirt, I'm just going to talk about my favourite brands and why I purchase from them.

On a budget - Head to H&M

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I have worn this t-shirt I reckon at least 50 times, it's supersoft to touch, it's never lost its shape and I still get motivated by the moto - it cost me £7.99. 

With these kind of shops, you have to buy them when you see them, and if you get fed up with them, then they get downgraded to the dog-walking, gardening or slouching at home kind of pile.

Want to wear them to the office - Go straight to M&S

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I often wear a classic t-shirt under a blazer with trousers to work. I have a selection from M&S either from the Limited Edition range or from their Basics - I've rarely paid more then £10 for any t-shirt there

The quality is great for work, particular the whites as you find with M&S there is thickness to the cotton that you rarely get with fashion tees.

My only tip here, is black and navy will finally fade, downgrade them when they get to that point, you should always look fresh for work.

Would love more choice of colour - Check out your colour palette on Kettlewell Colours online

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On the high street you can always get the basics of black, navy, grey and white, but if you really into your colour season, like I am then you want to expand your choice. I'm an Autumn and therefore a lot of standard navys I cannot wear, I need a Marine Navy and the quickest way to find this is from Kettlewell.

I love this Slub Charli Top (£35) as the sleeves make this simple T-shirt dressy for going out for lunch and yet I'm keeping that relaxed feel that I want. Great choice and quality.

Looking for something different - Visit your local boutiques or head online

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My Muse t-shirt above or the She Died of Individuality on the right here are findings I have come across online, local boutiques or recommendations from fashion mags. When you see them, you have to buy them. Prices vary, but if you love them when you first see them, you'll wear them!

My Muse tee I saw on Instagram and within 24 hours I had purchased it from Quattro Rish boutique over the phone, they now have an online store so go and check them out.

And finally, let's relax - Hush may have the answer

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The cotton slub V that I'm wearing here is £27 and comes in lots of colours. What I love about it, is that it has this super relax vibe about it. 

I could never wear to the office or out for dinner with the girls, it's the type of tee you'd where to the beach, to the park or for relaxing on a Sunday, like I am here.

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Thursday, 20 July 2017

Summer Dresses Available NOW!


I've been asked about dresses over the last week or so, both for the office and for holiday, so I thought I would take some time out and go see what you can get, right now!

The dress I'm wearing above I bought from Zara within the last couple of weeks, it's a versatile dress that you can wear from day to night - I was in  London so I'm wearing flats due to the amount of walking, the dress looks fabulous too in wedges and with high-heeled sandals, swap the big bag to a bright clutch for an evening look. The size I'm wearing is a large.

Floral Print Dress

I'm super loving this first one, but I think you may be annoyed with me! I've tried every possible search term on their site, and I can't find it on their website, so if you love it too, you'll need to head to one of their stores. This was from Anthropologie on the Kings Road, London.

Beautiful dress that they describe as orange, I personally would say red. This would look fabulous on holiday. I'm wearing a size 14 here and it fitted lovely, the price perhaps not so lovely at £138.


Carlotta Ruched Shirt Dress
Available in orange or black

A shirt dress is great for holidays, especially if your doing city tours! I'm wearing a medium here and I have to say there was a lot of loose material on the top-half, I would be tempted to drop a size. Nice and simple, and the fabric was lovely.


Dress with Silk Cuffs


If you wanting to make sure that any holiday dresses could then be worn to the office afterwards, this would be perfect. A lovely dress to dine out of in the evenings, I can imagine this simple navy dress worn with tan leather flat sandals and perhaps a gold clutch, or if you want more colour perhaps opt for bright green or orange to contrast the look.

I loved it, and it's one I'm potentially adding to my list!


Soft Pleat A Line Dress

The colour of the dress is like above, much brighter than the pic I took. It looks quite baggy on me, that's because this is a 16, well I had 8 or 16 to choose from??! So you can see it's a popular dress, whilst I was enticed by the colour on the shop floor, I think it would be a tad boring for holiday. Definitely one though to add to the office list.


OMG I loved this next dress, it's very Victoria Beckham style and it's only £55!! Not the best shape for an hourglass like me, but I loved loved loved this. I'm wearing a small, and I thought it was a tad big on me.

I can't find it online, so it's another one that you'll have to head to store if you fancy it.


French Connection
Dorothy Drape Sleeveless Floral Dress
Was £175, now £50

I loved the look of this dress on the hanger, but was concerned I wouldn't like it on, and yet I was pleasantly surprised by just how much I really liked it. I'm wearing a 14 here, and would definitely need to try the 12 to get a better fit.  I think this is a bargain at £50, the dress is covered in tiny flowers, it's simply gorgeous.


French Connection
Smithson Striped Cotton Shirt

Have you ever rented a holiday villa and find that you want something casual to mooch around in? You want it to keep you cool, not too overdressed and yet still glam - well I think this is the perfect item! Men love women in men's shirts, fact! This is a fabulous day dress that I think would be perfect for holiday!


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Saturday, 15 July 2017

A new twist on the classic Breton top


It's the easy-weekend look that everyone can adopt. The french chic style of the Breton is traditionally 2cm of white stripe followed by 1cm of blue - however every brand has their own version and you know longer have to stick to just blue!

Favoured by the celebs and the style is thankfully forgiving to those who don't know if they need to dress up or down for an occasion - you can't go wrong with this look for the daytime - it's not something I would suggest or personally opt for as an evening look, even if it is a casual night.

Kate is often seen in this style when she's attending sporty/outdoor events...

Alexa Chung is frequently seen wearing Breton, and it was THE choice for June's edition of Vogue...

And when Kate Moss wants to look more glam than her Glastonbury grunge style, she too often opts for the Breton stripe, in various styles...

Whist out shopping in the last few weeks, I noticed the traditional simple style of either a short-sleeve tee or the 3/4 sleeve had taken a twist - currently on the high street with some mixed with the latest flute sleeve trend and a touch of floral?!

Check out the ones I tried on below - it's one for this season, but it's not a classic!

Stripe pattern sweater

I'm trying on a medium here and this was a good fit for 12/14 size - just way too short (I think) in the body - loved the sleeves, great fabric too - perfect for cooler summer evenings.


Engineered Stripe Top

This is meant to be a loose fit top, I'm wearing a 10 here and that's as big as I would go for me, I didn't like it with skinny jeans, I noticed on the website it was styled with wide-leg culottes and I have to agree I think it needs that balance.


Chala - Organic Cotton Tee

Simple and sweet - great fabric, you can't go wrong at this price! I'm wearing a medium here, I would personally try a small for a tighter fit, just to bring it in a little more at the waistline for definition. If your body line is straight, you may prefer the looser fit.


Stripe Frill Sleeve Tee
Red or blue version available

I have to say I preferred the blue when comparing on the hanger, but as a warm deep autumn, I thought I best opt for the red version - I'm not sure. The colour was fine, loved the sleeves, loved the feel of the tee, but I didn't like the bottom part it was not flattering on me at all - maybe if I wasn't wearing jeans, but I do like my tops to fit well with jeans as I wear them a lot! This was a size 10, which was a good fit to the top half.


Embroidered Flute Sleeve Top

This top has plenty going on; it hits three trends alone with breton, flute sleeves and floral. I'm trying on a medium here and it's way to big for a 12/14 - I'm loving the sleeves though I love the floral with the stripe, a lot!


Oasis also had this one online which I'm loving too.

Striped embroidered floral pocket tee

And this is me from Saturday when I met a friend in Richmond for coffee and a mooch around the shops, I was planning to wear my mustard trousers with a black top as I was expecting sunshine, however it was drizzly rain! So I shopped my wardrobe and unsure if my girlfriend would be dressed up/down, I knew my Breton top from Hollister that I bought over 3-4 years ago would be a safe option - and thankfully I did go smarter, as we ended up in the lovely The Ivy Cafe for a cheeky glass of Prosecco.


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Sunday, 9 July 2017

Game, Set & Match - The Dress

And so my Wimbledon event happened this Saturday, I was a very lucky lady as I was within the Debenture Lounge for most of the time if I wasn't sitting watching the tennis in Centre Court.

And it's because of this, I was so keen to get the dress right, and I feel it was the best choice out of the three; the green I think would not have been in-keeping with the majority of the ladies there, who mainly wore navy, cream or grey and the Karen Millen dress, which I loved so much, would have been over-the-top for sure - I don't think with the big skirt it had I would get into one of the seats!

I opted for the Modern Rarity taupe brown dress from John Lewis, and whilst it was not the most easiest to have purchased, it was ideal for the event. I'm a huge fan of the art deco period and the style of this dress mimics the 1930's and back then ladies would have played wearing a midi similar to this too!

Here's the full outfit with accessories:


Dress: Modern Rarity by John Lewis
Cardigan: Hallhuber via House of Fraser
Hat: Accessorize
Bag: River Island

A close up below of my main accessories; with jewellery I opted for simple pearl earrings, a necklace that has a pearl pendent and I wore my mother's pearl engagement ring. Both my nails and toes I matched in with the coral of the cardigan, Gelish is the brand and if you are local to me Aylesbury, then I use the lovely India Grace Beauty for this.


And finally a keepsake of the day:


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Friday, 7 July 2017

The finishing touch.

Hats. Yes that's right hats, to me they can be the finishing to touch to a fabulous outfit. Over the last few years the trend to wear hats has increased (thank god!) and now it can be an everyday accessory.

In the summer time, I think a hat can really finish off a look, especially to a maxi dress (or like this season the midi) - so don't save them just for holidays or for the odd weekend on the beach, just get wearing them!


If you don't know where to start, start plain. And once you get comfy with it, you can add your own ribbon, flowers or other bits to it. 

I've picked a few below and I am truly sorry but the one I'm wearing, which I've purchased in the last few weeks is not available online, in store only at large stores of Accessorize. I first saw this at Luton Airport back in May, however it was the last thing I needed at that time, and just like my recent dress purchase I assumed it would be online - nope! So the hunt began and I managed to get it in Milton Keynes store.

This one from Accessorize looks very similar and slightly cheaper at £18.

Cross-stitch Thermo Fedora Hat

And this one below, is a good example of a plain version to invest in and at the sale price it won't break the bank!

Accessorize Crochet And Rafia Trim Trilby Hat

Was £18, now £12

Baseball caps are big this season, you just have to check out Sarah Harris on Instagram (along with her latest feature in this month's Vogue).

Sarah Harris on Instagram

Original GG canvas baseball hat with Web

Straw cap
Was £14, now £10


Melissa Odabash - Fedora hat

For those of you who fancy shaking your pom poms - this would be perfect!

River Island
Beige pom pom trim straw fedora hat

So if you love them then just get wearing them - and don't worry about hat hair, just keep it on indoors - go on be a rebel!

And here's me today debuting my new hat in preparation in taking it to Wimbledon tomorrow, I'm so going to need it with this heat!


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