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I'm writing this post the morning after a fabulous and very modern Royal Wedding; as a devoted royalist I was hesitant to see what changes they were going to bring, but I loved it all - Absolutely Fabulous! Well done Harry and Meghan - you've made Britain very proud.

Meghan Markle's classic style was very much present, both in her bridal gown and in her evening ballgown - glamorous and truly stylish. I'm pretty sure Meghan has inspired so many young ladies and girls yesterday, I certainly know I was truly blown away.

And it's with all this, as a fashion blogger, I know so many will want to achieve her style - over the last couple of weeks, I've been reviewing the key elements of Meghan's style, that can easily be adopted.

Megan Markle Style



Her dresses are fitted, structured and for the most part she likes a neutral palate, she doesn't appear to be so keen on frills, big skirts or mini in length, in fact nearly every dress I have seen it's all been below the knee.


Tailored and black, that's the DNA of Meghan's jacket style. I like how she has it over her shoulders, making it far less formal and yet she's keeping to her own style.


She very much likes a closed pointed shoe, but if you look closely she likes details of straps, ankle details, and a slim stiletto heel


She's definitely not into the big shopping tote, again she likes a stiff structured small bag, either with a strap or as a clutch. And she keeps this simple with black, white or tan.


Minimal, to say the least. My observations say to me, she likes a few small and delicate items, and that is all. (Although after seeing the ring Harry gave her last night, she has definitely joined the bling club!!!)


This is a slightly different style of post this Sunday, as I was invited by Westgate Oxford, a new shopping centre in the heart of Oxford city to do a collaboration piece - I provide the time and they provide the product. The brief was to get a top-to-toe Megan Markle fashion outfit from using their own stores, and this is how I got on.

My first thought was to find a delicate floral dress similar to the green one above - floral dresses, simply equals & Other Stories, one of my favourite stores at Westgate Oxford, and so I headed there to see what they had.

& Other Stories at Westgate Oxford
Westgate Oxford

This yellow wrap dress caught my eye, the small flowers where definitely Meghan's style, but I just knew this bright colour was not Meghan at all...

Lovedbylizzi Andotherstories

Off I then headed to John Lewis, the only department store at Westgate Oxford, and when you want to find a dress, heading to a department store is one of the quickest ways to cover lots of concessions and get a feel of what's out there.

John Lewis at Westgate Oxford
Westgate Oxford

I tried on quite a few, the dressing rooms in John Lewis are big, so it's a very comfortable environment to spend time get in and out of many dresses (believe me I know!! LOL).

This deep crimson dress said Meghan Markle right from the off and not a bad price at £69. Structured, well-fitted, and it's from a brand called Finery, which up to now I've only seen online, so it's great that you can now get hands-on with this brand in their store.

I loved the dress, but the ruffles didn't quite say Meghan to me...

LovedbyLizzi Finery

Westgate Oxford have a number London stores that you don't typically see in every town's high street, like COS and Oliver Bonas, so I took this opportunity to take full advantage in checking out what they had to offer, and this leafy green dress was nearly a big contender.

Oliver Bonas at Westgate Oxford
Westgate Oxford

This Palmrama Printed Leaf dress is gorgeous, and I highly recommend it for any day event you've got coming up, the fabric was lovely, it was a really good fit, priced at £75. And if I can talk changing rooms again it was spacious and lit so well I could see what I was actually wearing!

Why didn't it make it? it has an open back see pic below, it's not too revealing but again this is not Meghan's style.

Lovedbylizzi Oliver Bonas

I then popped into Oasis, and as soon as I saw this dress, I just knew I found it before I had even popped it on! Meghan Markle wears monochrome, I think it's her signature style. She loves a neutral palate and stripes too are so on trend at the moment, it's an easy way you can adopt her style.

Oasis at Westgate Oxford
Westgate Oxford

This dress comes in XS, S, M or L - I am wearing a Medium for a 12/14 fit. It's jersey material so it flows naturally across your curves, and the style of the stripes it very complementary regardless of your proportions. And better still.... wait for it.... it was only £45, but now it's £36!

 Once I got the dress, everything else just fell into place, starting with the shoes.

You know I love New Look shoes, well New Look at Westgate Oxford has one of the biggest displays I've seen, I had plenty of choice, not only for colour and styles, but various heel choices too.

Sticking to Meghan's style, it had to be pointed, it had to be black and it had to have some ankle detail of which these have a bow at the back, and only £25.99.

Megan Markle Style

The bag, well we all know I love River Island for a bag, and their collection at Westgate Oxford did not disappoint, I could have picked two or three to specifically go with this outfit. This structured boxy small bag, has cross-body straps and is predominately white with contrasting tan and black detailing with gold metal features.

To finish the look, I needed a tailored jacket, well no one does that better at fashion price-points budgets than NEXT. I knew within a few minutes of walking in there I would have a great quality black tailored jacket for less than £50, and I did!

NEXT at Westgate Oxford
Westgate Oxford

The NEXT at Westgate Oxford is a large store with lots of choice in Ladies collections. And they win the award for best changing room, not only is it stylish, it's got a lovely area for you to spend lots of time trying on clothes, it has a huge mirror with lovely carpet - so you can twirl to your hearts content to get the best view of your outfit.

This little number finished off the whole outfit and not a bad price too at £42.

And as for the jewellery, well I wore my own family jewels, my most small and delicate pieces, just as I think Meghan does, each day.

This entire outfit is less than £150 - and you can shop the whole look at Westgate Oxford Shopping Centre.

Megan Markle Style

Megan Markle Style

Royal Wedding

And this was me yesterday celebrating the Royal Wedding at home with family. 

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Thursday, 17 May 2018


Straw bag

Straw bags are probably one of the biggest trends this summer, and they are available in all shapes and sizes and for any kind of budget!

I've only bought the one above so far, which I featured on my Linen dress post, it is a lovely small tote with a cross-body strap, which makes it versatile for work, for city shopping and also for a fabulous lunch out with the girls!

I am planning to purchase a second, this needs to be much larger, now that we don't really use plastic carrier bags for shopping. I like to have a nice shopping tote to carry around and use - one bag for everything rather than several.

So I've been on the hunt, and I can't quite decide, and that's simply because there is so much choice. I feel you have two ways to go, once you know what size of bag you need and that's...

  • Buy a pre-designed bag with all the trimmings and colours decided for you, it's probably only going to work with a few of your outfits, but that's ok!
  • Buy a plain straw bag and accessorise it - there's lots of things you can easily lay your hands on in the likes of Primark, New Look, H&M to jazz up you bag along with gorgeous silk scarves which you can change depending on what you are wearing.

Here's a look at what I'm loving on the high street and online!

Straw bag with rounded handles

I think this is very classy, and would be quite versatile, the classic black is very chic and perfect to take on holiday too.

Floral Embroidered Straw Tote Bag

I really like the design of this one - it's a fairly good size after checking it out in store and it's really good quality for the price point.

Shelly Straw Basket Bag

This design was popular last year, and it's back! I don't fancy a very hard basket to carry around, and after getting hands on with this one, you cannot fit much in it. 

And beware if you are taking it on holiday, think about how you can pack it and if you choose to carry it on the plane.... that's your allowance gone. It's not a thumbs up from me, but it might be your cup of tea!

BIBA - House of Fraser

Straw Glitter Trim Beach Bag

The photo of this does not do it justice! I did a double-take as I walked by, and I came so close to just picking it up and taking it to the sales counter - I just can't justify £65 on this bag. 

But if I don't find anything else, this is the one!

Straw shopper with crochet highlight


Love this - I posted it on my Instastories when I was in House of Fraser; I love how they have used the scarf to cover the handle, very chic. It's not a colour-way I particularly want, but it's gorgeous! Perfect for the nautical look and certainly fabulous for holidays.


I've not seen in store, but this is simply gorgeous and loving the tassel detailing - one I will be checking out!

Now if you are only looking for a mini bag, I simply love this - how cute is this??!

Supermarket Spree

I have checked F&F, Tu and George all online, and I can’t see any straw bags - sorry!

Boutique Online

I have a couple of online boutiques that I have found through Instagram, I've not had the chance to get up close to see what they are like, so you'll have to go by their details on the website. I just think they are a great alternative and something unique that you are not getting on the high street.


This bag is plain, so head to the website to see how it's been jazzed up using a scarf of a tassel bag charm - you can purchase the tassel bag charm for an additional £4.

Lizzi Richardson

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Sunday, 13 May 2018


Orange print jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are a great option for special occasions and now that we are in full swing of wedding season, not forgetting the Royal Wedding too - I thought this would be a good time to talk about one of my most favourite garments.

I'm a huge fan of a jumpsuit, they've appeared on my blog many times, and with so much choice on the high street, this is really one item you can dress up or down. But, and there's always a but! If you are selecting a jumpsuit for a wedding, then it really needs to be good quality, it needs to fit you properly and I feel you have two ways to way it:

  1. Make it the statement item - i.e. everything you accessorise it with, compliments it but doesn't shout louder than jumpsuit
  2. Go colourful but plain - and then jazz jazz jazz with some fabulous accessories

I've been out on the high street to see what I think are some fabulous options for you to consider. As with any shopping trip, finding an outfit for a wedding takes time, and my biggest tip for jumpsuit shopping is to where easy clothes to get in and out of, because jumpsuits alone are tricky enough!

Gathered Neck Jumpsuit

Loved the colour, it's a really flattering shape, it's got a slight open back which I think makes it less day, less office. Sizing is true to fit, it's 100% polyester and I like the belt tie, I would use this one rather than changing to a belt. I think the price point is right at £56, as there is quality in fit even if the material is perhaps not as nice as some of the others below.

Now back to the fit; one slight concern, I am not long in the body and yet I found this a tad short, it was fine standing straight up, abut when I bent forward I knew about it! So avoid if you have a long body but if you are petite in that area, this could be perfect for you.

Orange Jumpsuit

House of Fraser
Ruth Tie Front Jumpsuit
It says Yellow - it's mustard!

Loved this one! The fit was great, the style of it was lovely - it's 96% Polyester and 4% Elastane. I wasn't keen on the tie, it was a tad long so I would get a seamstress to shorten it. I think my picture below suggests pockets, but it doesn't have them. 

Sizing is true to size, it's modern with the wide cropped leg trousers, but for a wedding you would need to jazz it up with some accessories, it's a little too plain. That said, it offers you value for money as it can be easily worn to the office after the special day is over.

Mustard Jumpsuit

Now one of my favourite jumpsuits that I own, and for many years, comes from Phase Eight - I remember investing £125 and thankfully I've got my money's worth many times over.

I tried a couple on for this post, and whilst they certainly tick the box for wedding I did find them quite tricky to get in and out of. I don't want to diss them, as I think Phase Eight make some fabulous jumpsuits and I am a huge fan, so my advice to you is, go try them on for yourself, these are the two that I was particularly drawn to for a wedding in mind.

Phase Eight
Victoriana Jumpsuit

Blush Jumpsuit

Phase Eight
Janessa Jumpsuit

Quiz at Debenhams - I was so impressed with the bright and colourful range of jumpsuits that they had, lots of choice and at the low-end for budget, perfect if you don't want to invest too much into a wedding outfit.

They are definitely statement jumpsuits so you will not need to accessorise too much and let the jumpsuit do all the talking.

This one below is not online, it's £34.99 and it's made up of 95% polyester and 5% elastane. It's so so easy to get in and out of, it's simply pull up/pull down! The belt however was far too short, the small ties at the front looked a tad silly, so two options I think - either tie it round to the back, that way it will be more flat across the stomach line, or invest in a belt that ties in with the colours of the print, possible a thin yellow or green belt.

It's got pockets, wide cropped leg trousers and sizing is true to fit. I think this is a fun and lovely jumpsuit, and for a budget jumpsuit this get a 10/10 from me.

Orange print jumpsuit

Quiz - Green halterneck crepe frill jumpsuit

They didn't have this one in my size, but I can tell you it's again a lovely jumpsuit. The frilly front at first I thought would not work with my larger bustline, but I have to say the clever angles of the frills actually complimented me very well. I'm thinking it will work small or large busts, so give it a go. It's a halter neck and backless so you need to be confident in showing off some flesh.

The material is 100% polyester, it's not as silky to feel as the orange jumpsuit above and because you need it to fit you snug, you are going to have to be careful what underwear you use, as you will see it.

The fit of the trousers is long and wide leg, you would need to wear this with heels to carry it off. Sizing is true to size, it has no pockets and it's another pull up/pull down once you've untied the halterneck.

Melody Jumpsuit

I saw this one on a YouTube Summer Haul this week, by Sheerluxe - I absolutely loved it. I've not had the chance to try it on, but I think this looks very glamorous and perfect for a wedding.

I quite like it when a jumpsuit looks like trousers and a top, I love the play of that and yet you have all the comfort that jumpsuits give you. Gorgeous!

It only comes in this colour-way.

Palmyra Print Kamma Jumpsuit

Trust me to fall in love with one of the expensive ones! But I have to say that if I was going to a wedding this summer, this is what I would pick. It's so lovely on, a fabulous fit which is true to size.

Couple of points to consider if you are loving this one too, it's 100% Viscose which is layman's terms is artificial silk, so you would need it to be a warm day as the material is thin. I don't feel you could wear a jacket or anything over it, so it could let you down if you are wearing it in the UK, but if you were going to a wedding in a hot country abroad, tick, tick, tick.

The jumpsuit has pockets in a very flattering position, slightly more round to the front, the trousers are cropped wide leg and you would need heels to elevate this jumpsuit to glam. I also feel this kimono style jumpsuit gives a slight nod to the pyjama trend which is popular at the moment - keep all the accessories high-quality and simple.

It's very easy to get in and out of, it's got poppers all down the front and for this one, I would use the belt that comes with it.

It's my favourite, so it's a 10/10 from me.  

Orange print jumpsuit


  • Wearing a jumpsuit for a night out, a wedding or any occasion, allow plenty of time to pop to the loo, the minute you think you need to go, go!
  • I would always recommend that you buy a jumpsuit that you can get in and out of, on your own - but if your like me and sometimes you just gotta have it! Then don't be afraid to ask one of the ladies in the restroom to help you unbutton/unzip or take a girlfriend with you
  • If you are an hourglass or pear you really should only buy a jumpsuit with a belt, without the belt it will not be flattering on you
  • Don't be afraid to change the belt - this can really elevate an outfit rather than using the same material belt that comes with it
  • Jumpsuits for weddings require high heels - flats, wedges may make the outfit more day time, more 'let's lunch' and you are at risk of killing the outfit before you've arrived! Be brave, get them on and no one wears shoes dancing anyway!

Lizzi Richardson

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